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Program Components

Academic Advising

Advising sessions are held once a month in the high schools serviced by our program. The goals of these academic advising and guidance meetings are to identify the students' needs and goals, and enact an action plan to provide encouragement, motivation and support for goal attainment



Project Advisors arrange for students to recieve tutoring services through their home school as needed. Student can also receive tutoring at each Saturday Session on Virginia Tech’s campus.

Academic Enrichment

Students have access to academic enrichment activities on campus during our Saturday Session and virtually via


Field Trips and College Visits

Students tour several colleges and universities throughout the year. Students also participate in fields that will expose them to new place and new experiences.  Trips during 2018-2019 included Washingtion DC , Charlotte NC, Pittsburgh, PA and several areas across Virginia. See the gallery for photos of past trips. 

ACT/SAT Prep and Fee Waivers

Students are offered the opportunity to take an ACT/SAT online prep in preparation for their college entrance exam. Students may also qualify for fee waivers for both their ACT and SAT exams. 

Summer Intensive Program

The summer intensive program is a six-week residential summer program with intensive academic services, postsecondary planning, career readiness programming, college tours and more. Each week of the program will culminate in a regional college visit and cultural activity. 

The academic component of the summer program provides a cross-curricular and project-based learning approach integrating subject area instruction around a central theme each year.  The courses are aligned with a college preparatory curriculum and designed to strengthen academic skills. Four days per week participants will take courses in mathematics, composition and literature, foreign language, laboratory science, and PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation.

Summer Bridge Program

During the six-week summer program, graduated seniors will have the opportunity to participate in a Summer Bridge program to help transition between high school graduation and college matriculation. Please visit the Summer Bridge page for full program details and application materials.

Each month (Sept-April) students are transported to Virginia Tech's campus to participate in our Saturday sessions. Each month students participate in activities centered around a theme. Students can also receive tutoring and other academic support at the Saturday sessions.